On Halloween…

…we need a little something as night approaches.

I know just the thing: Brain-eating zombies.

Given that this is the blog that conceived of the misbegotten literary (if you can call it that) device known as the Hitler Zombie, how could I not post a clip involving an actual cinematic brain-eating zombie on Halloween? (Warning: In the interest of full disclosure, this clip contains a brief and pretty well obscured topless shot and a couple of uses of the F-word.)

Intelligent talking zombies who understand how to use pulleys. Now that‘s scary! Yes, this was a clip from one of my favorite zombie movies of all time, The Return of the Living Dead. It’s hilarious and scary all at the same time, and, 22 years later, it’s held up surprisingly well for a movie that was so obviously of its time. (Get a load of the clothes and the punk rockers!)

Here’s more Halloween amusement:

A perfect Halloween night accompaniment. Just remember, though: It’s R-rated. Remember, also, that zombie nutritionists recommend an all brain diet.

For other Halloween fun in the same “vein,” so to speak, you could also go visit my fellow ScienceBlogger Steve Higgins at–of course!–Omnibrain and learn how to Make Brainzzz for Halloween or view some Brain Cookin’ Videos for Halloween. They’re pretty disgusting, but, hey, this is Halloween.

If you’re of a weak stomach, however, you could always check out what happens when a homeopath tries to apply homeopathic principles to Halloween. It isn’t pretty.