Nominated again?

The 2007 Weblog Awards


I didn’t actually expect this, but it appears that some knuckleheads have actually nominated Respectful Insolence again for the Best Medical/Health Issues Blog in the 2007 Weblog Awards, and, even more oddly, I somehow managed to be finalist. It turns out that P.Z. Myers is also a finalist in the Best Science Blog category as well.

I was actually a finalist in 2005 and–shock of shocks–won the category last year. I don’t really have any idea who nominated me or how I ended up being a finalist, but thanks to all. The only question is: Can I make it a repeat? It’s probably too much to expect, given that the competition looks fairly strong this year. I see that old favorite Kevin, MD is nominated as well as the excellent Autism Vox, and right now a blog I’ve never seen before, Baldy’s Blog, appears to be leading the pack as of this writing. I can’t really make any solid recommendations, because, other than Kevin, MD and Autism Vox, these are all blogs with which I am unfamiliar.

Oh, well, vote early and vote often (you can vote once every 24 hours), and best of luck to everyone! Being nominated is cool; couple that with the the fact that October was the second best month ever, traffic-wise and that I’m rapidly closing in on 2,000,000 visits, and life is good for the moment.

One thing that bothers me, though. Where are some other of my fellow ScienceBloggers? There are a lot of great blogs here deserving of a nomination. I think I can say with out reservation that any ScienceBlog here is far and away better than Steve Milloy’s execrable denialist blog Junk Science. So, like PZ, I would ask that you vote for either Pharyngula, Bad Astronomy Blog, In the Pipeline, or any of the others except the global warming denialist blog Climate Audit or the aforementioned Junk Science.