The more things change, the more they stay the same

This is true with respect to chiropractic, anyway. Just get a load of this ad from 1922:


(Click on picture for a larger image.)

You know, tart this ad up with some color and better graphics, and it wouldn’t be out of place today making claims like this:

Fastest growing healing profession, outstripping all others. CHIROPRACTIC is today far in the lead of all other drug-less methods. In greater numbers than ever before intelligent people are seeing the light; they know that CHIROPRACTIC is practical, sane and gets results in treatment of disease. Endorsed by leading educators. Demand for Doctors of Chiropractic now greater than supply. Splendid openings in every locality.


Not a “one man” or “one idea” school. Trained faculty of experts (graduates from leading drugless healing colleges all over the country) gives you thorough,
practical instruction in chiropractic and all its allied branches. ‘”Eclectic” means “best that is embodied in all systems.” No other school gives such broad, comprehensive instruction–prepares you so thoroughly.

How little has changed in 85 years.