Orac, Killer of Buzz…

i-1fc34c55c5dba06f6a23de4fa2c42ab9-200340731.jpg…or so sayeth Reason.TV, where a credulous blogger didn’t like what Orac laid down and found him oh-so-humorless.

Orac, Killer of Buzz. You know, I sort of like the sound of that. I like the sound and humor of this, too.

Of course, some buzzes deserve to be terminated with extreme prejudice; so just for laughs I’ll throw out a few fun links that fellow ScienceBlogger Tim Lambert turned me on to (or led me to through other links) over the last couple of days:

  1. Climate scepticism: The top 10
  2. Skeptic Arguments

  3. Convenient Untruths
  4. Climate science: Sceptical about bias (which fellow ScienceBlogger Mark, clearly being part of the old boys’ club and scientific conspiracy, has commented on)
  5. Sun and global warming: A cosmic connection?
  6. Unravelling the sceptics


(As for why I chose the image I did, click on the link and read the caption.)