Michael Medved: Evolution scholar…

…apparently, that’s what the Discovery Institute thinks, as William Dembski proudly announces, for reasons that escape me:

Michael Medved, nationally syndicated talk radio host and bestselling author, has joined the Discovery Institute in the role of senior fellow. The position cements a longstanding friendship and recognizes a commonality of values and projects across a spectrum of issues.

“Michael Medved is an intellectual entrepreneur, a political and cultural polymath with great insights, judgment and wit. We are delighted to have this new relationship with him,” said Discovery Institute president Bruce Chapman.

The sixth largest talk radio audience in the country, 3.7 million listeners, hears Medved’s daily three-hour radio program, The Michael Medved Show. Michael’s show is carried on more than 200 stations across America. The author of several books, including Hollywood vs. America and a recent autobiography, Right Turns, the one-time “punk liberal activist” turned “lovable conservative curmudgeon” is currently at work on a book on The Ten Big Lies About America.

Medved sounds perfect for the Discovery Institute. He’s published a rather idiotic article entitled Six Inconvenient Truths About the U.S. and Slavery (and I do mean stupid) and is a “passionate believer” in Sasquatch.

It’s clearly a match made in Heaven.