The 74th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: A special Thanksgiving day edition

It’s that time again.

Oh, it’s a day early because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but it’s here nonetheless. It’s time for the 74th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle, this time hosted over at Med Journal Watch. I can’t figure out why Christian is being heckled by skeptics, though, as he gives his address.

Don’t forget that it won’t be long before the next Skeptics’ Circle comes around the pike. In fact, it will be longer than usual, thanks to the early appearance of this edition. The next meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle will appear on Thursday, December 6 and will be hosted by Pro-Science, a blog hosted by long time commenter Kristjan Wager, who’s even contributed a couple of guest blogs to Respectful Insolence. As always, the guidelines for submissions to the Circle are here.

Also, if you’re interested in hosting a Circle yourself (and if you’re a blogger who often writes about science, skepticism, and/or critical thinking, you really should host one of these puppies), check out the schedule and the guidelines for hosting, and then drop me a line. I’ll get you a spot on the schedule, assuming, of course, that your blog can pass the easy (for a skeptical, science-based blog, at least) test at Le Canard Noir‘s infamous quackometer. We wouldn’t want any secret fans of Deepak Chopra to hijack the Circle for their own nefarious ends, would we?