Sorry, but I can’t help but feel a bit of schadenfreude over this. Chelationist extraordinaire Dr. Rashid Buttar is, it would appear, in a bit of trouble:

A Huntersville doctor is facing charges of unprofessional conduct.

Dr. Rashid Buttar’s alternative medicine clinic treats autism patients from the around the country, but tonight there are questions about his treatment of cancer patients.

The North Carolina Medical Board’s allegations are spelled out in a 10 page document.

They could ultimately lead to the revocation of Dr. Buttar’s medical license.

He is accused of offering therapies that have no value in the treatment of cancer and charging exorbitant fees in the process.

The accompanying video gives a lot more detail. Autism News Beat has covered Buttar’s previous interview aired the same television station.

Dr. Buttar is a prominent member of the mercury militia who’s been treating autistic children with chelation therapy (and charging a lot of money to do it) for years now. He’s now branched out into cancer therapy, apparently, using IV infusions of vitamins, chromium (what’s that about heavy metals being such toxins?), and various other compounds to treat advanced cancer and claiming a 100% success rate. I would hope that my readers, even those who believe there is some efficacy to alternative therapy, would know that if a doctor or health care provider claims 100% efficacy for his therapies against a fatal disease, you should run, not walk, out of his office forthwith!

In any case, I wonder what Dr. Buttar’s boosters will think of this? No doubt they’ll say it was a conspiracy by conventional medicine and big pharma to bring him down because he was “curing” cancer patients and autistic children. From my perspective, though, all I can say is: What took the North Carolina Medical Board so long to bust Dr. Buttar for his quackery?