Holocaust deniers for Ron Paul?

The other day, I posted about how quacks and pseudoscientists seem to find Ron Paul’s promise of “health freedom” as irresistible as moths do flame. Now it seems that Ron Paul has another most excellent endorsement to add to that of Stormfront, Dr. Mercola, and Mike Adams, not to mention to the support of the likes of David Duke and 9/11 Truthers.

Yes, indeed, it’s Hutton Gibson:

(Hat tip: Orcinus and VoteRonPaul.com.)

Because nothing adds to the credibility of a candidacy with overwhelming support among pseudoscientists like the endorsement of a Holocaust denying conspiracy theorist, who thinks that Vatican II was a Judeo-Masonic plot to destroy the Catholic Church and that all Popes since Vatican II have been illegitimate.

Truly, Ron Paul’s crank magnetism is strong indeed! In fact, it’s so strong that Vox Day endorses Ron Paul as well!

I have to echo P.Z. Myers’ question: Why is Ron Paul so popular?