Open mouth. Insert foot.

Given the way that he’s so successfully resurrected Doctor Who, I had come to believe that Russell T. Davies could do no wrong. I guess I was wrong:

The Daily Post is reporting that comments made by Executive Producer Russell T. Davies at the preview screening of Voyage of the Damned have caused quite a stir.

When asked who from history he would like to see play the Doctor, Davies reportedly jokingly answered “Hitler. He was stern and strong. He would be great.”

According to the story, some guests laughed, but others were shocked by the remark.

One fan later remarked: “Hitler carried out some of the world’s worst atrocities. He ordered the killing of millions of innocent people. I don’t want my kids thinking Hitler and Doctor Who are in any way the same.”

When David Tennant was then asked the same question, he reportedly declined to answer.

Although I can’t believe that Davies would have said something so mind-bogglingly stupid, it does reassure me that even creative geniuses stick their foots in their mouths sometimes.