Skeptics’ Circle #77: The Overmedicalized Edition

It’s 2008. Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any signs that the problems of 2007 as far as rampant credulity and susceptibility to quackery and pseudoscience on the part of the public will be abating this year. Fortunately, we have a remedy–or at least something that can help show you how to examine these outlandish claims from a critical and scientific perspective. Yes, it’s the very first Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle of 2008, and it’s over at White Coat Underground right now. Appropriately enough, the setting is a primary care office in Anytown, USA, and the patients are…well, just check it out for yourself. Then be sure to load yourself up on all that pharmaceutical goodness that the Dark Lords of Big Pharma tell you that you should be taking.

Next up on January 17 will be the Skeptical Surfer. (Is that anything like the Silver Surfer?) Even though it’s two weeks away, it’s never too early to start lining up your entries.

Finally, now’s the time to make a New Years resolution: To host one of these puppies during 2008. You won’t regret it. Just wander over to the Skeptics’ Circle site, check out the schedule and guidelines, and then contemplate the guidelines for hosts. I’ll peruse your blog, and if you’re not a closet fan of Deepak Chopra, you’re in like flint.