Is Bill Maher really that ignorant? (Part II)

Here’s part 1.

Here’s part II. It’s Bill Maher on David Letterman ranting about “toxins,” how we are being “poisoned by America,” and how your body is trying to produce a “river of mucus” to rid itself of the toxins, all standard tropes of “alternative” medicine and quackery. Sadly, David Letterman seems to buy right into the whole rant, more or less.

Maher’s mindless parroting of the vague claims of quacks who think that “detoxification” is the cure for every ill, combined with his being an antivaccination wingnut and a germ theory denialist, are just three reasons why, whenever I see anyone holding up Bill Maher as some sort of icon of rationality and reason because of his outspoken atheism, I can only shake my head. Yes, it’s possible to be rational in many areas but not in others, but Bill Maher is too credulous about pseudoscience in just too many different areas for me to view him as anything resembling an icon of reason, particularly given the inflated view of his own rationality that he apparently holds.