A finalist for the 2007 Best Medical Weblog

i-f03797a0cf9c41b0dbf3efe800b3b8c6-award_lr-771765.gifI’ll admit that I’ve been a bit oblivious to honors and awards in the blogosphere lately, but it’s come to my attention that I’m actually a finalist for Best Medical Weblog.

I also note that the competition is fierce. Fellow surgeon Sid Schwab is there for Surgeonsblog, as is one of the pioneers of medical blogging, Kevin, MD. Oddly enough, I’m also nominated for Best Health Policies/Ethics Weblog.

In any case, thanks to all who nominated me, and be sure to head over and vote for your favorite, especially if it’s me, and don’t forget to vote in all the other categories. Polls close on Sunday, January 20, 2008