The Downfall of HD-DVD

Only someone who’s a bit of a tech geek who hasn’t yet decided which format to purchase for HD video and is a World War II and Holocaust history buff could find this video as hilarious as I do. (Not to mention someone who, due to a confluence of craziness in professional and personal life, didn’t have any time yesterday to do more substantive posts, as the output of brief and/or lighter weight fare today demonstrates.) I do have to admit that I struggled with whether the creators of this video must have had a visit from a certain undead Führer, who had taken a chomp out of their brains, but decided that tastelessness in the cause of humor is not necessarily a crime:

Or maybe it is. Anyway, everyone really knows that the true death knell for HD-DVD is the fact that the porn industry is dropping HD-DVD in favor of Blu-Ray.

(Hat tip to Stupid Evil Bastard.)