Come rain, come sleet, come snow (well, mostly snow right now) the Skeptics’ Circle is on its way

Winter has settled in well and good around these parts, maybe not as brutal as around P.Z.’s abode but bad enough. So what does one do on a cold, blustery day? If you’re a skeptical blogger, you could whip up an example of your best stuff and submit it to the upcoming Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle on Thursday, January 31, this time around hosted at the Podblack Blog. Instructions for submitting and the deadline can be found here. Guidelines for posts can be found here. Then, whether you’re a blogger or just a skeptic who appreciates good writing about skepticism, science, and claims that need a healthy dose of critical thinking, come on over to the Podback Blog and enjoy.

And, as always, if you’re a blogger who regularly uses skepticism and critical thinking skills to examine dubious claims, you really ought to host one of these yourself, particularly if you’ve never hosted before. You won’t regret it. To get an idea if this is for you, check out these guidelines for hosts and the upcoming schedule. Then drop me a line at [email protected] I will, of course, have to examine your skeptical credentials (your blog) and I might even have to subject you to the dreaded Quackometer. You’re a skeptic. You can take it. And if you do you’ll be able to join the few, the proud, the hosts of the Skeptics’ Circle.