More on the antivaccination propaganda in “Eli Stone”

Last week, I did one of my inimitable rants about an ABC television show set to air on Thursday called Eli Stone, in which a lawyer sues a pharmaceutical company for “mercuritol” (an obvious allusion to thimerosal) in vaccines and how it supposedly caused a child’s autism. Basically, I called it an irresponsible bit of antivaccination propaganda, given that in the story the jury awards the child $5.2 million, while the lawyer (Eli Stone) is portrayed as a “prophet” crusading for the “little guy.”

Now Steve Novella weighs in. In the process, he can’t resist doing in his much less–shall we say?–insolent manner than what I did to David Kirby’s idiotic response to the uproar over this show’s antivaccination misinformation.