The 79th Skeptic’s Circle – Rollin With Teh Lol-ling


The new Skeptic’s Circle is here! Yes, the 79th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle has convened over at Podblack Blog, and it’s another great collection of skeptical blogging. So why am I disturbed? I just realized that I’ve utterly failed in my organizer duties in that I totally forgot to submit one of my own posts to the Circle. The shame! Even worse, the Circle’s just fine without me; if I hadn’t pointed it out I doubt that anyone would have noticed that I hadn’t submitted anything.

So why point it out?

Actually, in a way it’s a very good thing. It just goes to show that the Skeptics’ Circle is bigger than any one person or blogger. It doesn’t need me and no doubt would go on in some incarnation or another if I ever had to give up being its organizer. That’s a good thing.

So, here’s hoping the Circle is still there for decades to come, a beacon of sanity and reason in the cesspit of credulity that is the blogosphere. Now go over and read it.