Better late than never

I’m on the road for the weekend, and Internet access will likely be spotty until sometime Monday afternoon. Does that mean Orac has abandoned his readers? O ye of little faith! Of course not! There are scheduled posts in the meantime; that is, assuming that ScienceBlog’s post scheduling feature doesn’t let me down. Lately, it’s been–shall we say?–rather less than reliable. So if my scheduled posts don’t show up or, as seems to be more common, don’t show up until hours after they were originally scheduled, it’s not my fault. Really. They’re there.

First up, never let it be said that I’ve forgotten our blog mascot. As scary as it may be, he’s become a movie star. In fact, this year he’s in a different movie each month! This time around, though, he’s decided to indulge his inner enemartist. Yes, EneMan has gone all artsy on us:


You know, I find the concept of sunshine combined with with that of a “spotless” colon to be rather frightening. It sounds like a new form of colon cleansing woo. What are they going to add next, vitamin D?

Be very careful, EneMan. Don’t make me think you’ve changed from your usually skeptical self over to the Dark Side.