The 80th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: Is Valentine’s Day the right time for skepticism?

Of course Valentine’s Day is the right time for skepticism! What better time? If you don’t believe me, visit Bug Girl’s Blog for the 80th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: Valentine Edition! She’ll show you why there’s no time like today for a healthy dose of critical thinking.

Next up is (I think) Sorting Out Science on February 28. I would be remiss in my organizing duties, however, if I didn’t inform you that it is quite possible that there might be a change in hosts before then. Don’t worry, though. For now, just send submissions both to Sam Wise and me. If a host switch occurs, I’ll make sure your submissions get to the new host. If it doesn’t, you’re covered too.

Finally, if you’re interested in hosting, head on over to the Skeptics’ Circle archive site and check out the schedule and hosting guidelines. Then drop me a line.