A different kind of “research” aggregator

Dave Munger has done the science blogosphere a service by spearheading the effort to highlight and aggregate serious posts about peer-reviewed research through his Research Blogging aggregator website and his Bloggers for Peer-Reviewed Research Reporting blog. It’s a great idea and a great source for what science and medical bloggers say about the latest published research. Dave is to be commended for creating such a useful site.

Of course, aggregating serious research blogging is all well and good, but the assumptions behind it are that the research and the blogger are serious and honest and that they are doing a serious critique? What about other situations, you know, where we’re clearly looking at a pseudoscientific bunch of crap deserving of nothing but sarcasm and snark? We’re talking about creationists (be they of the young earth or “intelligent design” ilk), quacks, woos, charlatans, and pseudoscientists of all stripes? Where are an icon and aggregator for that?

The Pooflinger has shown me the way by pointing out the Blogging on PseudoScientific DoucheBags site. I’ve been remiss in not becoming a member and aggregating my more “insolent” posts, but I’ll try to rectify that tonight when I’m doing my usual blogging for Monday.