Still more evidence that it’s all about the vaccines: Behold the power of the mercury militia, part 2

In case you had any doubt that it’s about vaccines and the concept of vaccination itself, here’s video of the protest held outside of the American Academy of Pediatrics a couple of weeks ago:

I’m not sure it was such a great idea to release video of this protest, given how tiny the demonstration looks and how obviously antivaccine their signs and rhetoric are. Either way, Dr. Eisenstein (whose “research” skills are legendary) makes me wonder how he earned his M.D. if he doesn’t understand that the whole “toxins in vaccines” is a canard, and Dr. Ayoub is a conspiracy-monger. However, it’s worth pointing out at the risk of inducing fatigue for this issue in my readers because clearly moving away from mercury and ranting about scary-sounding “toxins” in vaccines is the new strategy of the mercury militia, given that science is coming down so conclusively against their previous agenda of claiming that autism is a “misdiagnosis for mercury poisoning.”

I’ll try to give this topic a rest for a while–if I’m allowed.