It can’t be stopped, the Skeptics’ Circle wants you!

It’s that time again. Well, not quite yet. But it soon will be. That’s right; everyone’s favorite blog carnival the Skeptics’ Circle is fast approaching and is scheduled to land at Happy Jihad’s House of Pancakes next Thursday, March 13. (I have to say, I like the blog name!) But Bing McGhandi needs your help to pull it off. He needs some seriously good examples of blog posts applying skepticism and critical thinking skills to a question that can be resolved with evidence. General guidelines for what the Skeptics’ Circle is about and what kinds of posts belong in the Circle can be found here. Blog-specific instructions for getting your posts to Bing can be found here.

Now’s also the time when I traditionally send out a call for hosts. Want to host one of these puppies? Then take a gander at these guidelines for hosts and then drop me a line at [email protected] I’ll peruse your blog to make sure you aren’t a mole for Oprah and then get you on the schedule.