Antivaccinationists flood the AJC blog comments

If you ever have any doubt at the sheer level of unscientific fearmongering and lunacy antivaccinationists like to foment, all you have to do is head to the comments section regarding the David Kirby article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that I deconstructed yesterday. Given that the Age of Autism site linked to it to send its ravening horde of antivaccinationists to descend upon the unsuspecting editors there, I feel that balance demands that I send my ravening hordes there to provide a modicum of counter-argument. (Well, I would send my ravening hordes if I actually had any; instead, I’ll politely ask you, my readers.) Really, the stupid in the comments there more than burns; it dissolves flesh to a gooey mess (starting with the brain, of course) and then starts to eat away at the bones until there is nothing left.

Still, it would be very cool to have a ravening horde that I could dispatch to destroy my blogospheric enemies. And, before one of the luminaries at the Age of Autism starts quote-mining this post to make it sound as though I’m a meglomaniac, I will emphasize that my comment is intended to be humorous. (Whether it succeeds or not is irrelevant.)