Things that make me smile, Saturday edition, part 1: Creationists shooting themselves in the foot

The other night, I wrote about how the painfully inept and just plain dumb actions of the producer of Expelled!, the neuron-apoptosing movie that’s basically an extended argumentum ad Nazium against the dreaded “Darwinism” that blames Hitler, Stalin, and, apparently, puppy hatred on Charles Darwin himself. Basically, the producers were having one of their private screenings (although how one can call a screening for which almost anyone can sign up on the web “private” is beyond me), and, by serendipity, the screening happened to be in the Mall of America on the Thursday before a large atheist conference was to meet in Minneapolis.

An atheist conference where Richard Dawkins was to be one of the main speakers.

Humorously enough PZ signed up with Richard Dawkins, but as he was standing in line a security guard told him he had to leave right away–while Richard Dawkins got in to see the movie. Better yet, he stood up at the question-and-answer session after the movie and asked the lying producer, Mark Mathis, why Myers was–heh!–“expelled”? Mathis is still trying to find a lie that sounds convincing.

Now there’s an excerpt of a conversation between Myers and Dawkins about the incident. It appears that my Hitler Zombie attack on Ben Stein was far more justified than even I had thought at the time I wrote it:

A larger, nicer version of the film clip can be downloaded here.

Meanwhile, here’s an excerpt from the film Expelled! that shows just how dangerous Myers and Dawkins appeared:

I really wish Dawkins didn’t use the term “Darwinism.” though. It plays right into the hands of the antievolutionists. Otherwise, it’s all pretty scary, eh?