I’m leaving on a jet plane…

…I don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Well, actually, I do. I’ll be back Wednesday night. But as you read this I should be in the air and on my way to sunny San Diego to attend the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. It’s a big one, too. Around 12,000-15,000 cancer researchers, give or take, will be descending upon the San Diego Convention Center to discuss the latest and greatest basic and translational cancer research. It’s one of my two favorite meetings each year, one that I try not to miss. It’s also often a good source for blog material about the latest cancer research, stuff that hasn’t been published yet, and I’ll definitely keep my eye out for the good stuff.

I’ll be staying at a hotel within walking distance of the convention center. If there are any San Diego residents who read this blog, any suggestions for good chow and good drink within walking distance or a short cab ride would be appreciated, perhaps in the Gaslamp Quarter. I’m not going to rent a car because the last time I did at a meeting in San Diego I didn’t even use it. It’s even possible that I might manage to find time for a meetup, but I can’t guarantee it. Two out of the four nights I will be in San Diego are already spoken for.

In the meantime, until I arrive, feel free to use this as an open thread or as a place to make restaurant or bar recommendations.