Be afraid, be very afraid

So there I was, wandering through the exhibit hall at AACR when I came across the National Cancer Institute booth. The NCI has a booth at AACR and ASCO every year, and this year is no different. As I do most years, I wandered through the booth to see if there was anything that caught my interest, such as information that might help me stay funded.

There it was. No, not any information that could help me keep my NIH funding, alas. Worse, it was something that might make it even more difficult if in this tight funding environment the NCI is actually spending money on this stuff. The sign read:


(Sorry, I used my camera phone.)

Assuming this doesn’t interfere with a meeting I’m supposed to have with a friend and collaborator of mine (which, of course, must take precedence but hasn’t been finalized yet), I think I might find a reason to mosey on over to the NCI booth tomorrow. Anyone attending the AACR Meeting who is interested in finding out how much the NCI is spending on woo should make it over there too. I thought NCCAM was the only source of NIH funding for unscientiific medicine, but apparently I’m wrong.