Expelled Exposed: A resource to counter Ben Stein’s vile and despicable crapfest

As you may know, Ben Stein’s execrable crapfest of a movie, Expelled!: No Intelligence Allowed, slimes its way into theatres on Friday. From my perspective, the biggest, most vile lie pushed by Ben Stein and produce Mark Mathis is that it’s a direct line from their hated “Darwinism” to the Holocaust, as I’ve pointed out twice before, but another major theme of the movie is that the poor, “truth-seeking” intelligent design creationists are ruthlessly “expelled” by those (pick one or more) atheistic/Stalinist/Nazi Darwinists.

Fortunately, there is a resource to counter Ben Stein’s lies (and, yes, they are lies; either that or Ben Stein is just to deluded, ignorant, or stupid to realize their untruth): Expelled! Exposed. Thanks to the National Center for Science Education, there is now a quick and easy site to find the truth behind the fiction and to learn about the deceptions of Premise Media and the producers of the movie.

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