What would Ben Stein say about this?

Yesterday, I wrote about what I thought to be a fairly amusing story. It was the story of one hapless candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in a district in northwest Indiana whose excuses for giving a talk to the American National Socialist Workers Party’s Chicago celebration of Adolf Hitler’s 119th birthday last weekend can only be characterized as what in LOL Cat lingo one would call “EPIC FAIL” (he claimed he didn’t think people there were of a “Nazi mindset”). I’ve also written more than I now wish I had about the inherent dishonesty of Ben Stein’s claim in the movie Expelled! that “Darwinism” led directly to eugenics and the Holocaust. Stein’s obvious implication, when taken in context with the rest of the movie in which Darwinism is equated with atheism, was that accepting evolutionary theory as good science leads straight to atheism and Nazi-ism.

I wonder what Ben Stein would say if he learned that Tony Zirkle (the hapless Nazi sympathizer and anti-Semitic candidate in question) is is a devout Christian. Not only is he a devout Christian, but consistent with his faith he is a supporter of “intelligent design” creationism.

Oh, the irony!