Clifford Shoemaker and the Sykes fold like a cheap suit

Good news!

In the wake of having his fishing expedition of a subpoena against autism blogger Kathleen Seidel quashed, it would appear that lawyer to the mercury militia Clifford Shoemaker and his clients Seth and Lisa Sykes have decided to voluntarily dismiss their lawsuit against Bayer and no longer pursue it.

Of course, that brings up the question of just what the heck Shoemaker’s attempts to dragoon unrelated parties such as Kathleen Seidel and Dr. Marie McCormick into the proceedings with dubious subpoenas was supposed to accomplish. Were such actions a sign of increasing desperation, a parting shot against people the Sykes didn’t like, or a little of both? Either way, there was no excuse for such legal thuggery.

Here’s hoping the Sykes can put this behind them, stop blaming vaccines for their child’s autism, and get back to the business of taking care of their child, a task for which I only wish them the best even despite their hooking up with an ambulance chaser like Shoemaker.