Fast approaching: The Skeptics’ Circle

Time’s flying by once again.

You know, the longer I serve as the organizer of this great endeavor that I did not start, namely The Skeptics’ Circle, the more it amazes me just how good it routinely is. It also amazes me just how fast time flies between editions. This time around is no exception. Already, the next edition is due in a mere four days, on May 8, 2008. This time around, the host will be The Skepbitch. Besides having an utterly awesome name for her blog, the Skepbitch is–well–a skeptic. In fact, so dedicated is she that she was willing to subject herself to a lecture by Sylvia Browne in the cause of skepticism. (Talk about taking one for the team!)

So, please, help the Skepbitch out in her endeavor of wanting to bring you the most awesome Skeptics’ Circle yet seen. Send her your best skeptical blogging by May 7. Do it now. You know you want to. Then join us back at The Skepbitch on May 8 for a roundup of the best skeptical blogging out there.