I hate Michigan Nazis


Jake and Elwood hated Illinois Nazis. I hate Michigan Nazis. Actually, I hate all Nazis, but I especially detest Nazis from states I’ve lived in, such as Ohio, New Jersey, and Illinois. But worst of all are Michigan Nazis, because it’s my home state, and even worse than that are Detroit Nazis, because that’s my home town. I was born there and lived there until I was around 10. I will always have an affinity for the city, no matter how down and out it is.

And there’s a Nazi in Detroit now trying to take advantage of the crappy economy to recruit to his hate cause:

On a dead-end street along Detroit’s fringe, the leader of America’s largest neo-Nazi group is scheming to exploit the region’s economic unease.

Jeff Schoep, commander of the National Socialist Movement, said he’s undeterred by the area’s large African-American and Jewish populations since moving his group to the area in December. In fact, he said, the diversity and distress of metro Detroit makes it ripe for recruitment.

“Detroit’s a big city, and the economy is not real good,” he said. “Anywhere the economy is bad, people are looking for answers. And I think we provide some.”

This is the kind of movement that he leads:

Philosophically, he concedes, “We do like Hitler and the way he ran the government,” but it’s “a misconception that we are bigoted.”

Yeah, right. I wonder if they’d let a black woman or a Jew into their organization. Let’s see:

He said he’s after “warrior archetypes,” like the men of the Alamo and Valley Forge, men he said will fight for white workers and oppose immigration, Communists and Jews.

Guess not. And, oh sure, all that rhetoric about protecting the white race isn’t racist. All I can say is: Get the hell out of my hometown, Nazi. Detroit’s got enough problems without people like you swooping in to “organize.”

I wonder if Jake’ll let me borrow the Bluesmobile. I promise not to scratch or dent it. Much.