Beware and get ready, my U.K. readers, part 3: The credulous media coverage of David Kirby’s visit has begun

I figured it was coming, although I didn’t think it would come this far before David Kirby’s impending visit to the U.K., but I guess that’s the fruit of his being invited by a woo-loving Lord to give a briefing at Parliament. This time it comes in the form of an article in the Daily Telegraph entitled MMR: The Debate That Won’t Go Away.

David Kirby’s there in full force, making up numbers about mitochondrial disorders as he’s been doing all along. There are also credulous references to Jenny McCarthy and the “Green Our Vaccines”/”too many too soon” toxin gambit, to the horrible monkey study by Laura Hewitson complete with quotes from an interview, and other vaccination canards. All in all, it’s horrible journalism. Fortunately (probably for my readers as well) that has become depressingly common. On the science front, antivaccinationists keep losing again and again; on the P.R. front right now they’re doing very well indeed right now.