“Green Our Vaccines”: “Pro-safe vaccine” or anti-vaccine? You be the judge!

The organizers of the “Green Our Vaccines” rally yesterday went to great trouble to keep repeating a mantra that they “aren’t anti-vaccine” but rather “pro-safe vaccine” (or, as Jenny McCarthy likes to put it, “anti-toxin”). I’ve argued that it’s all a cynical ploy to hide their true agenda. What do some of the signs carried by marchers tell us?

You be the judge! (Pictures below the fold.)











Here’s one that I predicted would show up:


And here’s the one to top them all:


That’s right. To these marchers, vaccines are weapons of mass destruction!

Of course, that’s because this is the real reason behind the march:


Claims otherwise are nothing more than disingenuous smokescreens.

Finally, here’s an interview with one of the marchers “in the wild,” so to speak. She spouts a lot of antivaccination canards and even seems to think that the execrable Generation Rescue phone survey is valid evidence as she rambles on about how scientists know nothing and “parents have all the science.” She also makes the nonsensical claim that “now that mercury has been reduced in vaccines the aluminum has really been ramped up.” See how many antivaccinationist canards you can spot in the interview:

What say you? Was the “Green Our Vaccine” rally antivaccinationist? How many antivaccinationist canards can you spot in the interview above?

How can we possibly reach such people and show them that they are horribly mistaken on a medical and scientific basis?

ADDENDUM: Lots more pictures here. I placed links on some of the pictures above that lead to more clear pictures of the same signs found in Ginger’s collection of 140 photos. Sadly, the amount of misinformation and lies on many of the signs is truly astonishing. Some more examples:

Autism wasn’t in my destiny. I had too many vaccines too soon.
Poisoned and forgotten
Mother of a vaccine-injured child
Silenced by vaccines
RNs & MDs say NO to toxic vaccines! (I find this one disturbing, because it indicates that health care professionals can fall for this pseudoscience.)
What God made (This one is particularly disturbing.)
Vaccine damage is an epidemic
Stop poisoning our future
Stop poisoning our babies

More still can be seen on video here.


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