The 89th Meeting of the Skeptics Circle: The “I’d rather be in Vegas” edition

Better late than never, they always say. Michael Meadon may have been a few hours later than the usual edition of the Skeptics’ Circle, but when he finally delivered the 89th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle it was well worth the wait. He even showed me a promising new blogger:

Redonkulous Redundancy is a new blogger and first-time Circle participant (be nice!) who aptly skewers CAM advocates for their bait-and-switch tactics: yes mainstream medicine has (serious) problems, no, CAM is not the answer.

Here’s hoping I can give him a little boost for that spot-on post.

Next up to host is, believe it or not, Peter Bowditch of The Millenium Project. I’ve wanted him to host for a long time now, and, to my surprise, he actually e-mailed me a few months ago and volunteered. Antivaccinationists really hate him; so you know he’s a good guy. Don’t let him down. Start cranking up your keyboard to produce some good stuff for him to feature in a fortnight.