A chiropractor for President?

Apparently there’s a chiropracter named Billy Sticker running for President. His platform:

My platform:

  • To increase your patient count by 200% during my first term
  • To increase your income by 200%
  • Pass legislation designating Chiropractic the Official Health Care of America
  • Reduce our dependency on pharmaceuticals (because Chiropractic would be the official health care!)

He even has his own video coverage:

Say it ain’t so! A woo-meister for President. That’d be a step down even from our current President! It’s even worse than that, though. He’s apparently a guy who sells marketing plans to other chiropractors to help them increase their profits! Indeed, his entire website is called Chiropractic Marketing University, and if there’s one thing worse than chiropractic woo it’s chiropractic business woo.

It’s a joke, right? Talk about my breathing a sigh of relief!