Say it ain’t so, Sid!

I have some bad news for the medical blogosphere. Well, actually Sid Schwab does. Apparently, he’s decided to drop out of the blogosphere, at least for now.

Sid’s grown enormously as a blogger since he first started hawking his book a couple of years ago in the comments here. He got on my nerves at first, but I quickly took a liking to him and his blog, realizing that his early self-promotion came from his being new to the blogosphere and not realizing that too much of that sort of stuff is generally frowned upon. Now he’s a well-respected medical blogger, and definitely one of the best. The evidence is in his Sampler of some of his best posts. He does mention that he might go back into practice. If that happens, his community will only benefit from his surgical expertise.

Fortunately, he may not be gone forever. He leaves open the possibility of coming back. Personally, I hope he does. The blogging bug, once it bites, often won’t let go for long. A few months to recharge his batteries, and Sid may well find himself hearing the siren call of the blogosphere, luring him back.