Here’s your chance…

…to ask über-quack Hulda Clark, the woman who disagrees with Dr. Simoncini in that she thinks that all cancer is caused by an intestinal fluke and that she can cure it by “zapping” it with a chintzy device she calls a “Zapper” that looks a lot like a Scientology E-meter, any question you want. She’s going to be broadcasting her quackery all over the intertubes tonight on Patrick Timpone’s One Radio Network at 7 PM CDT:

Thursday, August 7, 7-8 PM Talk to the Legendary Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Clark has a clinic in Mexico and claims a high success rate with Cancer patients and uses the word “Cure” openly widely in her work and many books. Her latest is “The Cure and prevention of all Cancers.” We’ll talk about zappers, parasites, cleansing, diet and what are the causes and cures she claims her experience and research are clearly showing. Please tell everyone you care about and also forward this, of course, to anyone you know who is dealing with cancer.

Consider it done, Mr. Timpone. I’ve just forwarded it to all my readers. It would be interesting to see if any skeptical questions could make it through at 888.663.6386. I’m sure she’d be happy to explain the scientific evidence backing up her claim that all cancer is caused by an intestinal fluke and why that evidence is nowhere to be found in the peer-reviewed scientific literature.