Jenny McCarthy might have some competition

This is disturbing.

No, it’s not disturbing because it’s a story potentially about autism. It’s not even disturbing because it indicates that Jenny McCarthy might soon have some competition in the brain dead antivaccinationist autism mom competition. It’s disturbing because of who Jenny’s new competition might be:

Britney has a whole new problem on her hands to deal with. According to In Touch, she fears that her youngest son Jayden James may be autistic.

Family friends say he often seems to be off in his own little world, playing by himself, and he starts crying for no reason.

Britney and Kevin are in agreement to have Jayden get tested for Autism, which is a neurological disorder that affects communication skills.

We hope that that’s not the case, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Here’s hoping Jayden isn’t autistic. The last thing we need is the Britney and Jenny show saying dumb things about vaccines and autism. Britney’s already shown up at a Generation Rescue function. If her son turns out to be on the spectrum, does anyone want to take a guess how long it would take for her to be on Generation Rescue’s Board?