Images from New York, part 1: The unbearable lightness of fraud

Seen in a bookstore in the Delta terminal at LaGuardia:


It makes perfect sense. What’s left after fleecing millions of gullible readers selling books about “alternative” medicine and secret cures “they” don’t want you to know about? Fleecing millions of gullible readers by selling books rife financial scams, of course. (I wonder how many pyramid schemes–excuse me, multilevel marketing investment opportunites”–are within this new book.) Of course, Kevin Trudeau definitely knows about financial scams. After all, he did spend time in jail for swindling banks and another for bilking his customers through credit card fraud.

It would be really humorous if it weren’t for the fact that some credulous people will likely buy this book and fill Trudeau’s coffers yet again. I must be behind the times, too, as I later learned that this book was released last year. How on earth did I manage to miss it, and how can I do it again with the next book that slithers out of the mind of this master snake oil salesman?