The cost of antivaccinationism

We seem to have an infestation of a couple of very persistent anti-vaccinationist trolls. (It happens; every so often someone new thinks they can take me and my readers on. They’re usually pretty quickly disabused of that notion.) That infestation is why I thought now would be an opportune time to refer my readers to a post that shows the world to which we could return if the anti-vaccine contingent gets its way. Written by the always irascibly sarcastic Dr. Mark Crislip of Quackcast, it’s entitled Amanda Peet is My Hero (1).

Remember, Dr. Crislip is an infectious disease specialist. As he tells us, he doesn’t “make dime one if people do not get infected.” So he’s hoping that Jenny McCarthy and her brain dead ilk are successful. Well, not really. Dr. Crislip is very good at sarcasm, so much so that I can’t always tell when he is being sarcastic. This time I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really mean it.

I think.

Oh, wait, he left a footnote to let us know it was sarcasm. All is well.