Your Friday Dose of Woo: An update

It’s Sunday, which makes it a perfect time for a little blog housekeeping, especially about a feature that used to appear regularly on Fridays.

As you may recall, after the death of Echo I put Your Friday Dose of Woo on hiatus for a while because I just couldn’t get myself into the appropriately light-hearted and silly frame of mind. Time has passed, and, although things will never be the same, a semblance of normalcy has (somewhat) returned. The loss still hurts–a lot–but my wife and I are slowly and reluctantly adapting. (We did finally share that third ear of corn, by the way; I don’t recall if I ever mentioned that.)

In the five weeks since I put YFDoW on hiatus, though, I’ve discovered one thing. I actually rather like the freedom to be able to write about whatever I feel like on Fridays. Looking back, I think YFDoW had become a bit of a straightjacket that I had come to feel obligated to do because it was expected and readers generally liked it, rather than because I wanted to do it anymore. Thursday nights would roll around, and I’d sometimes plow through the Folder of Woo only to find nothing much that really got me fired up. I think it was starting to show, too. Sometimes, something big would happen related to my favorite topics to blog about, and I’d have to delay writing about it. Now that I’ve given YFDoW up for a while, though, I actually rather miss doing the feature, which is why the time is coming when I’ll almost certainly resurrect it in some form or another.

What I think I’ll probably do is to bring the feature back sometime after Labor Day. However, it will no longer be a weekly feature. Instead, I’ll only do an installment when some truly YFDoW-worthy bit of silliness comes to my attention. It may be once every other week; it may be once a month; it may be once a week. It all depends on the woo frequency of any given time. Of course, by sending me your best woo, you can potentially increase the frequency that I do the feature.