Kinoki detox footpads: Better late than never…

I’ve written about the ridiculousness of the Kinoki Detox Footpads before. While on the way home from work today, I happened to be listening to NPR, and–wonder of wonders!–I came across a skeptical story about the Kinoki Footpads. In the story, the reporter, Sarah Varney, took used footpads to a laboratory to have them tested. Surprise, surprise! There was no significant difference between the used and unused pads in chemical content, nor was there any evidence of elevated heavy metal content of the “used” pads. She then interviewed a doctor who explained just how ridiculous the concept of “detoxing” through the skin of your feet is. Of course, I said virtually the same thing nearly two years ago for a different brand of detox footpads and then again in April of this year specifically about the Kinoki Detox quack–I mean foot–pads.

Finally, Varney then exposed unused Kinoki Detox Footpads to steam, and–surprise, surprise again!–the footpads turned black, no “toxins” from a wearer’s feet needed (or even contact with a person’s feet, for that matter).

I suppose NPR actually did do a public service here, and it is truly unusual to see actual skeptical reporting about devices like the Kinoki Detox Footpads, but in this case this is some really old news. The skeptical blogosphere did many thorough explanations of this silliness seemingly eons ago. Better late than never, I suppose.