Science Friday is (partially) Vaccine Friday, complete with the Dark Lord of Vaccination himself

I hesitated about whether to post this, knowing how many antivaccine activists read this blog, which is why I didn’t post it yesterday. Still, I think this might be of sufficient interest to my readers that I thought I’d announce it, just with relatively short notice.

It turns out that today’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow features a discussion of childhood vaccines, complete with an appearance by a man whom antivaccinationists consider the Dark Lord of Vaccination himself, Dr. Paul Offit. It’s on at 2 PM, and I’m told that Dr. Offit will be in the 2:20 to 2:40 PM segment, but I generally like to listen to the whole show when I can. Also, if you miss the show, you can always catch it later when it’s released on the Science Friday podcast.