v.2.0 is live, that aggregator for blogging about peer-reviewed scientific research, has been given a makeover and a major overhaul. New features include:

There will be much, much more on our official launch date of September 2, but here is a partial list of new features:

  • Multiple language support (and 30 new German-language bloggers!)
  • Topic-specific RSS feeds
  • Post-by-post tagging with topics and subtopics
  • “Recover password” feature
  • Email alerts when there is a problem with posts
  • Users can flag posts that don’t meet our guidelines
  • Customized user home pages with bios and blog descriptions
  • Blogger photos/other images displayed with each post
  • Multiple bloggers per blog
  • Multiple blogs per blogger
  • Advanced troubleshooting features

Once I find the time to recover and reset my password, which, alas, this revamp requires of every blogger registered with, I’ll try to line up a good peer-reviewed study to blog about. Actually, I have just the thing in mind for Thursday. Suffice it to say that it’s embargoed until Wednesday night (which is why I won’t post about it before then) and it’s going to make Andrew Wakefield very, very unhappy while my blogging about it is likely to make Bora happy.

In the meantime, you can peruse some of my previous entries aggregated by