The way to a surgeons heart…

…is through his plush guts, as Liz Ditz tells me:


I particularly like the plush pancreas, even though I haven’t done pancreatic surgery on a regular basis since the 1990s. I’m a little confused, though, about why the plush gallbladder is purple instead of green. Surgeons really, really hate to see purple gallbladders, because the only purple gallbladder is a dead or dying gallbladder. (OK, necrotic gallbladders are usually greenish black, but they can look purplish in some areas.) I’m also a bit puzzled by the choice of yellow for the liver, given that the liver is reddish-brown. But, hey, I’m willing to go with it. Too bad the plush organs are at $130 for the set–rather pricey for what they actually are.

On the other hand, I rather like the pancreas T-shirt/plush toy combo (a.k.a. Gutsy Gift Pack) with the slogan “Gimme some sugar.” But, then, I always did like Ash.