The 95th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle: The 9/11 Edition

The 95th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle has been posted by Bob Carroll over at Skeptimedia:

Seven years ago, The Very Lost Prophecies of Michel Nostradamus were found by Quantum Beam Radium and Harvard Veritas Schwartz in a Peruvian cave. Dr. Schwartz’s validated spirit guide directed the pair to the cave by interpreting entangled stains found by Radium on a South Park urinal. We now know, after doing a thorough meta-analysis and finding odds against chance of a trillion to one, that the Great One predicted it all.

With that begins one of the longest, cleverest, and most varied we’ve seen, even after 94 previous editions, and that’s quite an accomplishment. Don’t miss it!

Next up to host the Skeptics’ Circle two weeks hence on September 25 will be Endcycle. Get your skeptical brains working and provide the raw material for another great Circle!