David Kirby smacked down–and not by me! (Part 2)

You know, I’m really, really beginning to like this Dr. Rahul Parikh guy.

Yesterday, he delivered an absolutely delicious smackdown of that chief propagandist for the mercury militia and antivaccine movement, David Kirby. It was at least seven kinds of awesome, and I was truly grateful to Dr. Parikh for doing it so that I didn’t have to. This time around, Dr. Parikh’s done me another favor. You see, on Wednesday David Kirby gave a talk to Congressional staffers and a few Congressmen. He was also kind enough to include a link to his slides on the Age of Autism blog, and, indeed, such a huge, fat, juicy target seemed ripe for a dose of not-so-Respectful Insolence. The slides were the same idiotic Kirby talking points that I’ve been deconstructing since at least 2005, though, and that tempered my enthusiasm to charge once more into the breach.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Parikh was more than happy to do the job for me. Read and be amused. Here’s just one example of many to whet your appetite:

Mr. Kirby loves to use “social proof” (as opposed to scientific proof) to make his case. Here he does it to perfection, taking quotes from the Presidential Candidates to tell us that yes, vaccines are the cause of autism.

That’s gonna leave a mark.