Senator Obama’s health plan more likely to recover alternative medicine?

Here’s a new one on me:

Senator Obama’s support for preventative medical care is another little noted but important key point of difference with Senator McCain that emerged from the debate. Under Obama it is far more likely that insurance plans will cover alternative medicine, including acupuncture, therapy, and government approved herbs and vitamins. This category alone could more than double the current spending by pharmaceutical companies, and would give a boost to local market media as Alternative Care centers compete with traditional medicine. Again, a McCain presidency is likely to bring this windfall to a screeching halt.

Where the hell did Jack Myers get this idea from? This is the first time I’ve heard anything like this. Myers seems to equate woo with “preventative” care, and he doesn’t explain on what basis he concludes that Obama’s plan is more likely to cover woo. Also, I couldn’t find anything Goggling to suggest that this is the case.