Dr. Rashid Buttar wants you to ask him a question

You remember Dr. Rashid Buttar, don’t you? He’s that blight on North Carolina’s medical establishment, known for his “transdermal chelation therapy” that he’s unable to demonstrate as being able to be absorbed through the skin, much less chelate anything (arguably a good thing, actually, because at least it probably doesn’t hurt anyone, as a real transdermal chelation agent might). He’s also known for some rather more–shall we say?–colorful “treatments” for autism (colorful as in “yellow”), not to mention IV ozone. He’s also in trouble with the North Carolina Medical Board for using equally dubious therapies for cancer patients, all the while promising he could cure them. Unfortunately, the only thing he could cure them of is having excess cash in their wallets, as he charged exorbitant fees for his “services.” He also charmingly likened the North Carolina Medical Board to a “rabid dog,” what I would call a rather unwise thing to do, given that that board would decide his fate.

Well, Dr. Buttar had his practice restricted to exclude children (to keep him from treating autism) and cancer patients. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to have stopped him. Indeed, he’s out there still, and he wants to hear from you. In fact, he wants to know:

If you had 30 seconds to ask me one question about Autism or Heavy Metal Toxicity, what would your single most important question be?

(Warning: There’s a video that autoplays there; so you might want to turn the sound off if you’re in an environment where it might disturb others or embarrass you.)

I’m sure that you, my readers, can come up with some fantastic questions for Dr. Buttar to answer. In fact, so confident am I in your ability to ask really great, brief questions, that I’d love to see you send them to Dr. Buttar using the link above. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, share them with me and my readers below in the comments, so that we can appreciate your incisiveness and discuss the questions.

Feel free to tell Dr. Buttar Orac sent you…