I hadn’t planned on live-blogging the election returns…

…after all, I’m not a political blogger, except occasionally and maybe once every four years. If I’m still blogging four years from now, we’ll see if I feel like morphing into a political blogger again, just for one day.

However, I found this nifty little widget that does the job for me:

There, you can just keep coming back to this page to follow election night returns. Of course, it is MSNBC; so its projections may or may not be accurate, but over time it will have to tell the story, as more and more returns come in.

Now, I suppose I’ll have to think about analyzing that study that several of you have been sending to me while I’m watching the election returns. I have to admit, I haven’t seen a study quite so bad in a while, so much so that I’m not sure I want to subject my brain to the pain just to provide blog material for your entertainment, edification, and enlightenment tomorrow. I go to great lengths for my readers, but I do have limits.

Ah, hell, I’ll probably do it, but it’ll definitely take a couple of beers.