The Real Estate Downfall

Downfall was a great movie, arguably the greatest movie about Adolf Hitler’s final days ever made. However, it contains one scene, one incredibly powerful scene, where aides bring Hitler news that the last defenses had fallen, that the divisions that Hitler thought he had no longer existed, and that the forces that were trying to reach Berlin to fight the Russians had been repulsed. It was at this point that Hitler finally realized that there was nothing left to stop the Soviet juggernaut from taking Berlin. At this point, Hitler finally realizes that the war is lost and that there is no hope of the miraculous victory that he had believed in.

This scene has also extensively been used for parody. You knew it wouldn’t be too long before it was used for the bursting of the housing bubble, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the financial meltdown that went into overdrive in September. I’m only surprised it took so long:

The last line is the best line…